About - Pedro Ferreira

I want and believe in a better world

As a commercial photographer I focused most of my work on fashion and portraits. I loved doing that! Really did. But wanted to do something bigger. Something to make a better world and that I could really be proud of. I needed a change, a real one.

So I thought to myself that it was time to finally travel the world! To see new places and meet new people. People completely different than me. Learn from them. Observe how they do things and try to understand why.
Just see the world with my eyes wouldn't be enough. I needed a real connection. To live each place like a local. With locals. Be part of their world. So I'm not jumping from town to town visiting some tourist's landmarks. That's not my thing.

I spend weeks, sometimes months everywhere I go. That way I can use photography to show the beauty, kindness and struggles of people and different cultures, hoping that you can relate to them. Be inspired. And maybe explore and experience it yourself, so we can change the world together.

On this website you'll find a lot of images I've captured along my journey, available for print. Also, on PHOTOGRAPHS/PEOPLE there's a lot of creative self portraits and some of the amazing friends I've made. Those galleries are ongoing projects and every time you come back here you'll see new stuff.

I also incorporated some of the jobs I've done on PHOTOGRAPHS/COMMERCIAL, just so you can have an Idea of what my background is.

If you're searching for something specifically you can use the SEARCH tab. Each of my images has the appropriate keywords, so if you looking for horizontal images that contain mountains, for instance, just type "horizontal mountain" on the search bar and voilĂ !

And if you want to get in touch, don't hesitate! That's what the CONTACT tab is for.

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